Monday, April 25, 2016

Title:Sins of the Father
Author: Jamie Canosa
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published Date: February 6th 2016
Rating: 5 Stars

Synopsis: Monsters exist. Not in closets or under the bed, but within each of us. And sometimes . . . they win. 

Kidnapped. Confused. Afraid. 
Ophelia wakes up to find herself an unwilling pawn in a plot for revenge. 

Pain. Blood. Loyalty. 
These things bind Sawyer to a promise he struggles to keep. 

Sawyer doesn't want to hurt Ophelia. Ophelia doesn't want to be hurt. But somethings are unavoidable. What happens when trust is broken? What happens when fear and love collide? 

Hearts get broken and lives get shattered when the Sins of the Father are brought to bear.

This book could be described as heart-breaking and then hear-mending. It successfully portrays those dark topics such as: betrayal, abuse, kidnap, revenge, neglecting, and death; while in the same breath portrays hope,trust, belief, and wanting. All of these things are combined and churned in a realistic world with crazy circumstances that make your head spin, in a positive way.

It is truly one of the best romances that I've got my hands on in a long time. It's not cliche or superficial or anything like that, because to me, it really seemed genuine, like you could feel it bounce off the pages at  you. The author skillfully weaves a blossoming love story in the most unexpected of places. But if I'm honest, the thing that magnetized me towards this book, is the characters. I almost couldn't believe how attackingly I fell in love and rooted for these strong characters, that deserved a happy ending.

I guarantee you that this is just one of the books that you'll feel compelled to read in one sitting, as you can't tear your gaze away from the pages. Now stop reading this review and go get the book yourself!