Friday, December 23, 2016

Walk Into Silence (Detective Jo Larsen, #1)Walk Into Silence by Susan McBride
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A significant chunk of this novel was moving so s l o w. In my mind, when someone labels a genre book with "thriller" I think fast-paced, which what I was looking for here, but this sadly didn't deliver.

This is a whodunit that was almost completely predictable, there was nothing surprising that happening, and the so-called "plot-twists" were a flimsy attempt at trying to breathe some life into this book. We spend a majority of this book being miserably stuck in Jo Larsen's head, while she psychoanalyzes herself, and the victim of a murder's case (Jenny.) I found the thought process which repetitive, because it almost seemed like Jo cared too much about what went on in Jenny's life, never having even met the women, and to be honest making some bold statement about her mental health. I'm a big believer that you should never judge or assume something about someone else's illness unless you have actually known the person and spent time with them.

But, many people would say, Jo is a similar victim to this type of child abuse. It's Jo's job to get into her character's head and background. That may be so, but I wish that this detective had been more objective, instead we have her subjectively and deeply emotional involved, which detracted from her professionalism and her credibility.

As a reader, one of my pet peeves is having an extremely stubborn character for no reason, (like please, it's not even necessary). The author fabricated this character trait, and I was just shaking my head and clicking my tongue. I mean, if she accepted protection and safety measures (like police are supposed to be open to), some of these incidents wouldn't have happened. This type of dangerous risk-taking was honestly used as a plot device and made me feel very uncomfortable.

I didn't love this book, I would say that I mildly enjoyed it. But ultimately, it didn't have the punch that I was looking for.

**Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review.**

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