Monday, January 23, 2017

Diverseathon is here! (and my post is a little bit late, apologies). This time around I deliberately chose to focus on areas of the world that I feel are lacking in my personal reading life, so all of these are set in Asia or about Asian people. But nonetheless I am so very excited to be participating in this lovely readathon and the accompanying Twitter chats! I have a very loose TBR, meaning that it may or may not change depending on my mood and speed during the week. Here goes my selections!

Min Jin Lee is a Korean American, and her book features a Korean women who moves to Japan. I actually found out that apparently she wrote this novel while living in Japan, so I think that the narrative is definitively in ownvoices hands, and I'm so intrigued to get started! Has gotten high praise from Junot

This is a memoir of a South Vietnamese women, who was born in Saigon. It's being described as a 15 chapter immigration epic, and it's a graphic novel so should be interesting and keep me engaged.

The next book from Pulitzer price winning author, Viet Thanh Nguyen, who is a Vietnamise American man. It's the story of adoption and being a refugee and all of those topics surrounding immigration. This is the one that I'm probably most excited about!

In this book, the main character is a bisexual Chinese American women who (obviously) love to sing and is studying music in her performing arts school. She's trying to get into an esteemed school's elite a cappella, and it's all boys. This one has been highly recommended in the community so I'm uber ready to jump in.